Shazeen Suleman – President and Co-Founder

Shazeen Suleman and Sharon Kour co-founded MusicBox in 2002, while both in their first year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. Shazeen has since completed a graduate degree in neuroscience and received her MD from the University of British Columbia. She is currently pursuing her residency in pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. She has a strong interest in child health in vulnerable populations and developmental cognitive neuroscience, understanding the impact that community programming can have on child development.

Shazeen’s interest in music stems from her classical piano training since the age of 4. In forming MusicBox, she has combined her background in pediatrics and child development, with her love of music and sense of social responsibility. Shazeen is a strong advocate for sustainable community programming, and recognizes the benefits all children gain through integrated programming like that offered by MusicBox.

Andrew MacLeod – Chairperson

Andrew is a founding director of the MusicBox Children’s Charity and has played an active role in the continued development and strategic direction of the Charity since its incorporation in 2003. Since 2009 he has served as the Chair of the National Board of Directors.
With six years experience at a successful start-up technology company in the financial services industry and two years as a strategic consultant, Andrew is currently the Project Lead for Strategic Engagement and Information Technology at The Change Foundation in Toronto.

Andrea Tyler – Secretary

Oringinally from Winnipeg, Andrea arrived in Toronto in 2002 as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, and became involved with MusicBox shortly thereafter. Andrea is currently completing her PhD at the University of Toronto studying genetics and microbiology. She has volunteered with several other children’s and youth organizations but especially enjoys her time with MusicBox. Andrea recognizes the importance of ensuring that equal opportunities for growth and development are available to children of all economic statuses.